Storms of Steel and Sound

A hard day's night

day 1

After a last minute booking at the Red Velvet Lounge, Madam Boom Boom and her crew found that the clubs owner was looking for more than a soft set with an edge to it. Gregor Travaski had a job that needed the utmost discretion. His home was robbed during some renovations and the former Kombiant soldier does not wish to appear weak, thus outside help is required.

His home was getting some renovations and a security upgrade, unfortunately only a low end redundant system was functional at the time, so the only vid is low end but does show 4 men tossing the place and leaving with several items.

Gregor does not care about the money but several items were of sentimental significant and the insult alone is making him see red. He is willing to pay 10k for the recovery of his items and an addition 4k for an ear from each of the scum runners to robbed him, to teach them a lesson.

The only items he wants back are a small wooden icon box, a gold and ruby ring w/ a Russian military emblem on it, an DMX music mixing deck, and a Chinese urn with his fathers ashes. He provides 5k up front as well as a copy of the security vid. His nephew, Zander, will also be going along. Zander is new to Night City and has fallen out of favor with his former comrades so he is looking for work.

After packing up the boom-bus, the crew gets to work. Glitch ran a search on the web and ’Misa examined the vid while trying to improve the resolution. Although nothing comes up on the net for Gregor, the video shows four black men (faces obscured) ransacking the place and leaving. In a reflection one of the men can be seen shooting up. Enfuego, the roady, knows a local dealer who caters to low end users in the area.

Dust, the cook / dealer, has an idea of where the men must be from but does not want money for the information. He has a more personally problem; his input seems to have been kidnapped by a biker gang called the snake bites.

The crew rolled to the snake bites club house and tried the frontal approach. While Boom Boom tried to make a distraction, Enfuego and Zander attempted to take on the entire bar in a brawl. Meanwhile ‘Misa managed to make it to the back of the club house only to discover that Trish, Dust’s former input, has willingly shacked up with the snake bits, apparently unimpressed with Dust.
When things went (further) south Glitch cut the power to the club and Boom and ’Misa made their escape, dragging Trish with them. After inadvertently offing the head snake.

The evening ending with a early morning wake up call for Dust and an apparently happy reunion. For his part he managed to place the area of town the men must have been from. He even has a contact there that can probably identify the hoods the team is looking for.

Exhausted from the long night after a show the crew heads out to crash for a few hours before hitting the streets again.


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