Storms of Steel and Sound

Fire...To destroy all you have done

day 2

After a few hours rest and an afternoon breakfast later the team headed to the east end of town to find the White Rabbit.

Wisely deciding not to take the boom bus into the less then savory neighborhood, the crew finds themselves entering a large hab block in a rundown area of town. The insides look and smell as bad as you would expect, although the well-armed guards on the elevator seemed a bit out of place.

After being forced to walk up several flights of stairs the team found that the White Rabbit apparently operates out of several well maintained floors in this building. His “office” is one entire half of the 5th floor with the walls knocked down to make a spacious work area. The Rabbit himself is an obese black male in his 30’s with an eclectic collection of dangerous associates. Having heard from Dust of the teams need and their ability to do favors he had one of his own.

It seems that he does not care for the explanation of competitors in his domains and has asked the players to “burn down” a small time operation as an example to any who might think it a good idea. Upon confirmation of the task he will give the players what they want.

In very short order Glitch and Feugo manage to locate the lab and quit literally burn it down but upon leaving the now burning building they find their targets occupy a room two floors higher in the same – now burning – building. The fire department looks to be late.

A quick entrance, which leaves Feugo with 2 black eyes and a bloody nose, surprises the burglars and after a brief fire fight (and a 7 story drop) the stolen items (and some ears) are recovered. All but one item anyway, the urn, which was made apparent by the escape of a young man of Asian descent – after a dirty escape in which the shit almost hit the fan as well as Zander. In the confusion of the building evacuation Zander lost the last item and now that Feugo has come-to the party is ready to make their next move; hopefully soon as the building is still on fire…..


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