Low end dealer / cook


Asian decent / black straight & usually greasy hair

his cloths always seems stained (baggy, lose fitting gear, with an armored vest in the winter)

Although he normally has a handgun around he does not seem apt to draw it.

He has a malfunctioning light tattoo of a blue dragon or a fish down his left neck / chest.
He also has two interface plugs along his right temple. He also has a knock off pair of Gaboriau optics that are several years old and not aging well (they were in fashion five six years ago but the green has faded and has obvious crazing).


Dust is a local dealer who mainly works the low end crowd who work as labors, cleaners, and other low rent jobs in the nicer areas of town. He cooks his own stuff and would likely make good bank if he did not also use his own product.

In addition to his addictive personality and poor dental hygiene this tweeker also has a rough time with inputs. His latest girl is Trish, who has a very break up / make up relationship with him. when she is not out sleeping her way through a local biker gang. She clearly also has sustenance above issues that she is still dealing with despite her AA 5 year pin.


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