Gregor Travaski

Russian night club owner


Former Kmobiant who now owns a classy bar in Night City, the Red Velvet Lounge
200 lb
about 50 years old
Speaks Russian and English (and maybe more)

Has no visible cybernetics and is not commonly seen with and weapons or armor.
usually wears a linen ( or some other non synthetic high end material)suit around the club and more casual clothing when not at the club (although still reasonably high quality). he tends to wear bulky gold jewelery and accessories.

Very nice and cordial but you get the feeling that if you crossed him you may live to regret it.


Gregor is a product of the late soviet era; the government is useless, the Corporations will screw anybody for the bottom line, and only the hard survive. Night city is a perfect fit.

He has been in Night city since 2005 and opened the Red Velvet Lounge in 2010. He runs the club with his friend form the old country Trivain and his daughter Catarina.

Gregor Travaski

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