Red Velvet Lounge

The Red Velvet Lounge is a night club located in the south west of Night City’s corporate hub. It is close enough to the service district to be safe (patrolled by NCPD not the corporate security forces) but close enough to low rent neighborhoods to have an edgy feel. Many mid a low level salary-men come here for a taste of some thing exotic and maybe a bit dangerous without any real risk.

The club has a cold war Soviet feel; colors tend to dark reds, wood, and tans, the food and drink are (or sound like they are) from former Warsaw pact countries. Most of the staff, as well as a good portion of the patroons speak Russian, additionally there are always young beautiful Slavic women hanging around and being friendly. Just like the old country should have been.

The walls are lined in comfortable booths and there are a number of tables before coming to a modest dance floor and slightly raised stage. Pillars and dim lighting, along with piped music or whatever live performances is going on (ranging from live belly dancing to jazz & soulful ballade to Russian county-rock – never any thrash, techno, speed metal or anything heavy), tend to keep things private for those that want it. The seating closer to the dance floor as well as the bar along the street side wall allow for more viability and mingling.

Persons of note:

[[:gregor-volk | Gregor Volk]], the club’s owner and Georgian expatriate.

Zander, Gregor’s nephew (one of his sisters children). A one time solder in the Kombiant who has had a falling out and has come to night city looking to make a name for himself. A fighter and not a lover Zander makes up is muscle mass what he lacks in social grace.

Catherine Travaski, Gregor’s daughter and sometime entertainer at the club. An icy beauty with a talent for getting men into trouble.

Oleg “slag” Krofslanky, the clubs head of security. Oleg is slimmer in build then most of the clubs bounces but moves with a grace and confidence that leave few to doubt his ability to maintain order (or anything else Gregor needs him to do).

Travian, an older Russian who manages the day to day of the club as well as tending bars on some nights. If Oleg is the brawn, Travian is the brains and is often consulted by Gregor before any “risky business” is considered. He is also frequently getting or spreading “the word” on the street.

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Red Velvet Lounge

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